Successful strategies for Bitcoin Dice Games

Many people are accustomed to the concept of online gaming and gambling. Some of these games involve actual money or money in the virtual form. Bitcoin is one such virtual currency which has become quite popular with professional gamers. Most of these dice games are almost entirely based on luck, with no foolproof strategy being devised to ensure a sure shot win in any of it. However, professional gamers have over the years devised some strategies which increase your chances of winning in such games.

If you look at any Bitcoin Dice game strategy you will find that it has two components to it. One of them is the bet selection according to you. You have to decide on whether you will have to place a high or a low bet on the game that you are willing to pursue. The second component is the amount that you want to bet. You need to keep in mind that you have a definite amount that you need to sustain through the entire game. Allocating the maximum share to a single part might not prove to be helpful for you in some cases.

Some of the strategies that can help you in winning these Bitcoin Dice games will include:


One of the most popular strategies for betting dice games is Martingale. It is also popular in 50/50 situations. The entire strategy is simple. You need to place a single unit bet in the initial stage. If you win, then you continue to bet on the same amount. Once, you lose, double the amount of the next bet that you wish to pursue. If you again win, then you go back to the original betting amount. This will help you to make up for the loss incurred during the losing part. The strategy is well planned but might backfire if you move into a streak of losing.


This particular strategy is also a simple one; however, it works in the opposite direction as that of Martingale. In this case, once you win, you double the amount in the next bet. You only return to the original amount once you lose or you have completed a winning streak of three. This strategy is helpful in incurring less loss and gain maximum benefit from the game.


This particular strategy has gained similar popularity to the Martingale system. In this case, once you start off the game with a single unit and keep on increasing the amount every time you lose. Once you win, stop increasing the wager and start decreasing it by one unit. This strategy is pretty easy to implement and more cautious which becomes the reason for its popularity.

These are some of the commonly used strategies to play a Bitcoin Dice game. There are other strategies too for your easy implementation; these ones ranks as one of the safest and easy to implement amongst others. If you wish to resort to these strategies, make sure that you gather enough information on them so that you feel confident using them for your game.