Online SlotAll types of gambling are illegal in Indonesia. There is no such gambling places or houses that exist in the country, therefore online gambling receives a significant boost over the past years. Indonesian people who have gambling habits or hobbies go overseas like Singapore or Malaysia to gamble or their other choice is online gambling.

All forms of gambling are illegal and prohibited in the predominantly Muslim country of Indonesia; there is no casino there or any establishments that operates gambling activities. Gambling there has no chance of flourishing, that is why a lot of Indonesians travel to their neighboring country of Singapore, an open state where gambling has a place on its own in the society.

The Indonesian government, yet again, imposes another strict policy in banning internet-based casinos or popularly known as online casinos. Moreover, it’s also trying to ban all of it. You may not find any legal and approved casinos online by the Indonesian government. Thus, the online casino game that you frequently visitis physically based and operating in Indonesia is a hundred percent illegal.

One of the most sought-after online casino games of Indonesians is the online slot machines. If you’re one of those Indonesians who love this online casino game but are hesitant to start playing it, we’ve prepared an article to convince you to try it.

Below, our friends from slot joker123 we listed down why it’s a must-try for you.


Most casino games, either online or in physical play, are kind of complicated, especially Blackjack, poker, and baccarat. Slot machines are just as simple as pressing a button or pulling that lever to spin it and cross your fingers to hit the jackpot. Just like the physical form of slot machine, you can play it the same way in its online version. There is no need for a lengthy tutorial phase, and you can instantly place your bet in it.


In terms of investment, it does not require a lot of money considering that most Indonesian gamblers are not high-rollers, but instead, place a small investment for their gambling recreation since gambling in their country is totally banned and in case there is a government crackdown, the funds in their account that will be seized is not that big. Unlike other online casino games where you’re required a buy-in an amount in order to play, online slot machines do not need you to put down additional funds. One of the most notable benefitsin playing online slots is that it gives small stake gamblers the freedom to place a small initial bet.


Because of the sensitive nature of the gambling scene in Indonesia, off-shore online casino operators have to win the trust of Indonesian gamblers by assuring them of a safe and fair game play by having a random number generator which is standard in the online casino industry. Random number generators will not predict the outcome of every spin of the online slot machine, thus it’s fair for everyone playing it.