The Master Of Poker

on the subject of high stakes cash video games the enthusiasts are typically speaking approximately Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius or Tom Dwan (additionally referred to as “durrrr”). Phil Ivey is a much-feared player because of his extremely competitive style and his excellent hand analyzing skills.

the following instance comes from the 2009 WSOP wherein Phil Ivey changed into paid out at the stop simplest due to his reputation.

The blinds are $2 000/$four 000 with a $500 ante and 9 gamers. every body folds to Ivey who is on the button and has 8d7s. Ivey decides to take a stab at the pot and raises to $eleven 000. an ordinary play through Ivey, he might do it with any cards so his improve does not tell something approximately the energy of his hand. The small blind folds but Perner inside the huge blind makes an inexpensive name with 2h2d. even though Perner’s name is affordable, I think a reraise might have been the proper play. when he referred to as he already knew that he might be in a hard situation with a couple of deuces every time except whilst the deuces hit. primarily based in this assertion a reraise can turn out to be with extra fulfillment due to the fact he may want to win the pot proper there, earlier than the flop. Such small pocket pairs are extremely difficult to play out of role. In this case Perner decided to handiest name. The pot is $28 500 and the two gamers see the flop.

The flop is 7cJh7h giving Ivey trip sevens. A paired flop is generally accurate for a pocket pair because it makes it more in all likelihood that the alternative player neglected the flop. Perner thinks additionally like this and he bets approximately 75% of the pot, $22 000. Perner had the preflop gain fifty two%-48% against Ivey but the tides have became in want of Ivey: 89%-eleven%. He thinks a chunk how he could maximize his win and makes a flat call. at this time it is not clean if Perner handiest bluffs or if he has a couple of Jacks. Ivey hopes it’s miles the second case situation. The pot is $seventy two 500.

The flip card is the 8h. that is a risky card for Perner. He knows that Ivey could have any cards in his hand and this turn card completes a flush draw, a directly draw and of route it’s miles viable that Ivey has a couple of eights as properly. Perner assessments, he desires to see what Ivey does. Ivey bets a bit over half of the pot, $forty 000. Ivey desires to build a pot and does no longer want to slow play his hand until the cease. Perner calls quick and sends a message to Ivey that he also hit the board. i am convinced that Perner made a mistake at this factor and he must have stop with his hand. The pot is $152 500.

The river card is the 7d, giving Ivey quads and Perner a full residence. Perner checks and Ivey starts questioning what the maximum amount is that he could get from Perner. Ivey makes a decision to guess $120 000, approximately 80% of the pot, a big wager which shows a bluff. virtually the river card is unlucky for Perner. In case Ivey had a immediately or a flush Perner could be in advance now. There are also three sevens at the board so it’s miles impossible that Ivey has a seven. Perner beats lots of Ivey’s possible hands, he’s only dropping against a Jack, an 8 or pocket pairs. Perner does no longer even think lengthy and makes the decision. Ivey wins the $392 500 pot along with his quads.

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